Thursday, October 13, 2011

The New 52: Batman #1

Scott Snyder's appointment to the main Batman title (in my mind you don't get a bigger Batman book than.....well.....BATMAN) is something that I was very pleased to see when I reviewed the new creative teams for the New 52. Previously I had been following his work in Detective, and I was really starting to become a believer. After Batman #1 I can tell you that I am completely converted.

Can I just say, Batman & Joker versus the inmates of Arkham? Wow.

I'm a huge fan of pacing in a story, and Snyder's pacing is something to behold. This issue does an exceptional job of laying out a steady progression, with escalating climaxes that leave us satisfied as we advance through the book to the pinnacle of the issue; the final panel. The ending of this book is not to be missed.

The artwork in this book is an entirely different matter. I love the way Capullo draws Bats, but I hate the way he does some of the other characters. His backgrounds are gritty and harsh, which I love, but sometimes his people come off as cartoonish. The funny thing is that his Joker is less cartoon and more Heath Ledger, but his other villains are more cartoon than I'd like. It probably would help if I didn't find that all the Robins look like they actually are Bruce's sons. The art doesn't hurt the book, but it doesn't do enough to enhance it in my opinion.

All in all though? Solid book.


There is an opportunity here though for me to continue judging books on DC's relaunch and the idea that new readers have to pick the books up. Like the rest of the Batman titles, this book offers little in the way of a fresh start and could frustrate new readers. It isn't as egregious as Batman & Robin though.

(and no I'm not going to explain the comment about Batman & Joker. Read the book.)

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