Thursday, October 27, 2011

The New 52: Some quick hits

Batwoman #1 ~ I didn't love it, and I didn't hate it. I won't notice if the title dies, but it wasn't a book I'll avoid either. Another Bat title looking for its own niche in the lead character. The art made me think of somebody who really wants me to take acid before I read. 'B-'.

Birds Of Prey #1 ~ Another book I don't have strong feelings on, except to note that I had strong feelings on the old B.o.P. It's a decent opening salvo, and maybe it will build into something more. 'B'

Blackhawks #1 ~ I was enormously indifferent to this book.It sets up a number of storylines right off the bat, but none of them really engaged me. Felt like filler for a comic line that had other options. 'C+'

Captain Atom #1 ~ Krul gets a lot of rope from some people, given his status as a real 'comer' at DC, but I'm not one of those people (*yet.) I didn't find anything in this book to make me care, and I felt like there was too much 'Dr. Manhattan' to the new Captain Atom. I'll only spend time reading this book when I've read everything else. 'B-'

Catwoman #1 ~ Winnick on the other hand usually gets a little bump and a little patience when it comes to me. The book was fine, and I'll admit that I didn't object to anything deeply as I was reading it, unless it's the hyper sexualization of Selina. Then again, in the Year One story by Miller she was a prostitute, so sexuality has always been deeply linked to the character. In the end, it's an alright book, but nothing special. 'B'

Deathstroke #1 ~ The author clearly wants me to remember that Deathstroke is a bad, bad man. I get it. But couldn't he have added a little more depth to the story? Couldn't he have made me care, or given me some sense that he'd offer me more in coming issues? He'd better find something to draw me in and show that he knows more about Deathstroke than that's he bad. Otherwise this book is doomed. 'C+'

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