Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Golden Age Forgotten?

How quickly has Marvel forgotten The Golden Age?

The 'big theme' that was supposed to remind us all of brighter days was swept away pretty quickly by anticipation for the next 'big event.' Fear Itself is a dark story of the breaking of heroes and of worlds. People died. Other died before it (Johnny Storm - although we all know that won't last!) Where has this Golden Age gone?

Didn't we deserve something slightly brighter, for some time slightly longer than this? Wasn't that the inherent promise of The Golden Age?

I'm not condemning Fear Itself, which thus far has been decent (I've only read the first five issues) and looks like it might break the trend of all-hype no climax Marvel moments, but I am wondering why we have to race from event to event, without any time to just revel in the growth and development of our favorite character(s).

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