Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The New 52: Animal Man #1

Let's get one thing out of the way really, really quickly.


When I drop the name Animal Man to friends, and non comic fans, I get strange looks and barely disguised chuckles, occasionally finishing with a hearty laugh and the shake of a head. After all, the only thing more lame than a guy who has animal powers is a guy who speak to fish. Right?

The difference here is that this book hits all the right (wrong) notes and is a perfect blend of artwork, coloring and writing, all working together to let you know that you're in the opening scene of a horror story. When the bombshell drops, I can't say you'll be surprised, or even that you didn't see it coming, but I can say that it is downright creepy. Going into this book I had absolutely no expectations.

Now? I'm expecting greatness. It's one of the best of the New 52.

It's an 'A+' book.

If it continues to deliver like issue number one did, it will be a breakout hit.

One last thought; sometimes new series or relaunches have this need to pour into you as much backstory and information as they can dump into the first issue. It's as if you can't survive the book without learning the protagonists history. This book does an exceptional job of giving you just the right amount of information, without making it into a blatant LEARN THIS NOW moment. Maybe more importantly, Lemire understands that you really don't need to know everything Buddy Baker in order to get engrossed in his story.

Well done.


Randy Meredith said...

Even if you're not from Canada find Animal Man writer, Jeff Lemire's Essex County Trilogy. This is an AWESOME series of graphic novels.

I didn't like SweetTooth as much. But Essex County was great!

Kent Anderson said...

Heh. I've heard only good about the new Animal Man, so I was wondering what your opinion would be.