Thursday, October 27, 2011

The New 52: Wonder Woman #1

Brian Azzarello brings us the completely relaunched Wonder Woman and I think I should just open by saying; FINALLY! Somebody who understands the point of a relaunch. True, Brian didn't drag us back to Diana's birth and give us a story heavy with history and the resetting of continuity, but what he did do was wipe the slate clean and get started on something new.

Or old.

Maybe the best part of this comic was the way that it got back to the basics with Diana, drawing deeply on her roots and ties to Greek mythology. Diana has always been at her best in stories that recognize her value stems from the ability to weave her into the grandiose machinations of the Gods themselves.

The art is a little different, but it works so wonderfully that after noticing it immediately, I stopped noticing it and simply sank into the story.

This one gets a solid 'A'.

Read it.

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