Saturday, October 08, 2011

Apparently I'm wrong.

I have it on good authority that "everyone says Action Comics #1 is poo."

The good news for me is that I've never spent a lot of time concerned with what everyone says. In fact, I often find my opinions affirmed in everyone else's disagreement with them. Despite assurances from a friend that the blogs he's been reading, and the feedback he's been getting all reach the consensus that The New 52's Action Comics is terrible, I stand by my initial assessment.

While it isn't a Superman story in my opinion, but rather the tale of a love-child blend of Superman & Batman, it is still an exceptional piece of writing that gives just enough taste of what may yet be coming to wet our appetite. Indications are that this Luthor, like the one depicted in All-Star Superman, will be lifted up for us to admire both his incredible brilliance, and his glaring emotional failings. That's something I like in Grant's writing. The hero, while not Superman by my reckoning, is still an interesting protagonist struggling to find his role in a society that doesn't yet know what to make of him.

Best part of all is that the first issue end like it's The Empire Strikes Back. I like a bleak ending as a way of opening the first chapter of a story.

Screw the consensus; this is a book worth reading!

*It should still never have happened though.
**It is still better than anything that has Spider-Man in it. Spider-Man is a terrible excuse for a hero.

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