Monday, October 10, 2011

The New 52: All Star Western #1

Western comics? Meh.

Revisiting a classic title like All-Star Western rather than beggin a man like Ennis to revisit Hitman? Seemed like a sketchy choice going into the book. All of that changed when I read it though. While I found the title a little too rife with cliche relatives of Gotham City staples in the modern books, the story was intense, dark and conspiratorial. All things I found compelling.

Mixing Jonah Hex with Amadeus Arkham, a fledgling Gotham City, a serial killer and a conspiracy that potentially reaches to the upper heights of Gotham's power elite? Brilliant. What's more, the artwork actually works with the tone of the book, setting a mood for the reader that enhances and powers the author's theme. It's a spectacular synergy of author and writer supporting each other to put out a book that exceeds either of their individual contributions.

Hex is the ideal late 19th century replacement for Batman, in an environment that demands a vigilante with no regard for the law, and a mercurial psychological profile. With Arkham appearing to play the straight man, we may be seeing the first works of a brilliant story.

This book gets an 'A+'.

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