Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dick Grayson: Doctor Fate


I've been reading some Flashpoint.

I've already explained why Flashpoint is something that has me more interested than Marvel's summer blockbuster Fear Itself, but as I get a little deeper into the story itself, I'm finding some really terrific reasons to like the creative concepts brought forward in the twenty spin-off series that make up the Flashpoint timeline. One of the ones I really enjoyed is Deadman & The Flying Graysons.

Followers of the blog may have picked up on the fact that I'm a big Dick Grayson fan. Robin. Nightwing. Batman. Call him what you will, but Dick Grayson is a terrific character that, in my opinion, has always had lots of depth and is seemingly ripe for more interesting and challenging scenarios. Maybe the one thing that DC did get right with the New 52 (even though it is, in itself, wrong) is the return of Dick in his own series as Nightwing.

Still, in the Flashpoint world, where nothing is the same as its supposed to be, Dick and his parents are still traveling with the circus. They were on a tour of Europe when the Amazonian-Atlantean War broke out and ravaged that part of the world. Trapped there, they continued to tour, sticking mostly to small towns, trying not to get caught up in the war itself.

Fate had other plans.


Flashpoint is the story of a world rapidly racing towards total annihilation, and I wonder if I'm going to be satisfied when it is concluded, or if I'm going to be left with a keen interest to read more; to hear an author's take on how that world will ultimately play out. Specifically, will anyone find the opportunity before the final issue of Flashpoint wraps up, to tell me whatever became of Dick Grayson in his new role as Doctor Fate?

Which is very cool.

My congratulations to J.T. Krul, the writer who dreamt up the story, which includes Deadman, The Flying Graysons, elements of the Secret Six, Doctor Fate, Count Vertigo and in the final panel The Question, Kid Devil and Brittania.

I definitely would have read more of this series.

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