Thursday, August 11, 2011

If I could get serious for a moment...

For a brief moment I'd like to take a break from comics and talk about something totally unrelated.

In conversations with friends in the past I have often lamented that fame is wasted on the famous, because so few of them understand the wonderful power of it. It isn't the money, or the ability to walk into the best restaurant in the world without a reservation, or the opportunity it provides you to rub elbows with other famous people. Those things are all selfish experiences that while, perhaps, exciting for you are nothing more than the accessories of fame.

The true power of fame lies in the ability to connect with, and impact directly the lives of others.

It would be easy for me to list off the countless ways in which famous people have an opportunity to change our world for the better, but I don't want to turn this into a lengthy blog. Five minutes ago I read this article "Bautista calls dying fan to wish her Happy Birthday" online and appreciated somebody who understands the only true value of fame.

I know Jose isn't alone.

I know other actors, athletes, musicians, etc. are out there showing the same type of appreciate for the power that has been blessed unto them, but honestly? It's not enough. Given how many people have Jose's influence, and more, in this world.....our news should be overflowing with reports like this one. 

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