Saturday, July 30, 2011

In or out?!?

I'm back on the fence.

Is this new launch, as Randy suggests, the ideal opportunity to leave behind weekly orders from DC? I'm firmly attached to the experience of monthly comics, and I have a somewhat extensive investment in them sitting in my basement. Is that a good enough reason to continue ordering in the same format that I always have? Or should I also consider cancelling all DC orders, and transition to simply purchasing the graphic novels that I really want to read?

I'm torn. Seriously.

On one hand, I like comics in their monthly format, and I enjoy the time I spend filling in gaps in my collection. On the other hand, will there ever be a better time for me to leave it behind, and explore simply purchasing graphic novels?

If, as I suspect, this grand experiment of DC's fails abysmally and they eventually come back to pick up their original numbering I'll have the option to change my decision at that point in time. The months in between could be an experiment in exploring options.

I've got about 48 hours to make a decision......and right now I'm stuck right in the middle.

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