Monday, July 25, 2011

Cap is outstanding!

Watched Captain America last night.

It was an exceptional comic book movie, and I would be willing to listen to anyone who wanted to put together the argument that it is actually the very best comic book movie ever made. I can certainly think of reasons that it outperformed The Dark Knight, in terms of its comic-ness.

Chris Evans isn't spectacular, but then he doesn't need to be. He's solid and he gives just the right understanding of Steve Rogers in my mind. The determination and willpower required to persevere and become Captain America are very well represented. Tommy Lee Jones was spectacular, and should be commended for doing such an exceptional job of portraying a character who represented the best and the worst of the U.S. military during the war.

2011 may be Marvel's greatest class of comic movies ever.

I haven't seen one yet that I didn't think was terrific.Thor, X-Men: First Class and Cap have all been exactly what I want from my comics on the big screen. I wonder if maybe DC could take notes?

Just a quick question though....did they need to market him (erroneously) as the First Avenger in order to get that movie over with the public?


Kent Anderson said...

Hey Dad. I thought Cap was pretty outstanding as well. I was waiting to see what you thought on the subject, as I'm not too well read on the Cap. Glad I judged correctly.

The 4th Man said...

You did indeed.

And we can fix that gap in your knowledge. I've got Brubaker's run on Cap which is about the best Cap I've ever read.