Monday, April 19, 2010

Random observation day

* Garth Ennis writes about God a lot.  Like a lot, a lot. Evidence:

True Faith
Hellblazer (his run on the book has a lot of religious theme)
The Demon (heaven/hell.  It counts)
Bloody Mary
Bloody Mary Lady Liberty
Crossed (*don't tell me there isn't religious theology in this)
Chronicles of Wormwood

* Dark Avengers is better than New Avengers

* Secret Warriors is still good after 15 issues.

* Everybody raves about Grant Morrison on Batman & Robin.  I'm luke warm. Why does Dick come off as a mediocre Batman who's never prepared for anything in this book? I'll call this no-selling.

* This new book S.H.I.E.L.D. is tight.

* Jonathon Hickman can write and Marvel should tie him up.  He writes S.H.I.E.L.D., Secret Warriors & Fantastic Four.

* Speaking of his run on FF.  Why did it take this long for somebody to figure out that this book is about a family that adventures together? Best run of FF in ages.

* Blackest Night in 60 seconds is some very, very funny stuff:

* Barry Allen with the blue ring on is pretty cool, even if he should have stayed dead.

* I don't care what anyone says, the Specter shold have dealt with the whole Black Lantern issue.  He's THE SPECTER! Story would have been 7 seconds long.

* When I get a month's shipment I always find i t interesting what I feel like I "need" to read first.  Top attention getters from the last shipment included Irredeemable, Secret Warriors, Wolfskin & World Of New Krypton!

* Won't it be funny if Doom War turns out to be a much better story than any of Marvel's BIG event stories from recent years? There's a chance....

* Planet Hulk on Blue Ray.  Didn't even know they put it out, but I've got a copy.  I'm going to watch it tomorrow I think!

* Jeremiah (the TV show) was based on a comic book I think I'll have to read.  Always interested to see how far from the source material it fell, especially since the producer is now a comic guy.  Anyways, I really liked Season 2.  Liked Mister Smith.  Reminds me of somebody I know.

* It's past my bedtime.

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