Friday, April 09, 2010

Picking up with a simpleton's attack on Superman Part II

When last we met, intrepid host......was dedicating time and space to a friend of Jordan's who took great exception to my abuse of Peter Porker and used it as a basis to launch a poorly constructed character assassination of Superman (presumably under the impression that it would in some way change the fact that Spider-Crap is a terrible character somehow.)

Let us return to that moment...

Onward to your next argument. Spiderman seems to not sacrifice anything. Ok, what does Superman give up? His planet blew up? Oh boo hoo. It happened before he became a hero which sort of throws that argument out the window. What did X-man give up? Um they are basically a recreation of the civil rights movement. Therefore they give up nothing, they are born that way. What did Punisher give up? Nothing his family was killed and he had no control over that. How about Hulk? Again nothing he was caught in an explosion of his own screw up and instead of being a hero runs around destroying little timmy's backyard anytime he has a temper tantrum. 

Actually, if you're going to misrepresent my points, you'll need to make sure you don't get an answer from a guy who can refer people back to the blog I wrote.  I didn't single out sacrifice as essential, I grouped it with my search for a 'heroic moment,' 'inspiration,' or 'sacrifice' that took place at the inception of the character.  All of which I feel Spider-Crap lacks.  But let's move past that point and stick with your attack on the other characters.

You start with Superman (note the trend ladies and gents) and act as though Clark Kent never sacrificed anything.Your facetious 'boo hoo' over the loss of his entire species doesn't actually address the hero's creation.  Superman wasn't born when Clark was born.  Clark grew up with his powers and went to great lengths to ensure that he didn't use them or abuse them in some way that would be unfair. What's that?  You don't think that's sacrifice?  Hmmmmm.  You might be right. Perhaps it's just responsibility (which in a teenager I actually find inspiring!) Perhaps we should compare it to your friend Peter, who immediately went out and tried to use his powers to make money and profit from them.  At least one of the guys understood the nature of power without having to listen to a dying uncle explain it to him.

But from there your argument simply continues to fall apart.

The X-Men didn't give up anything?  Almost all of them could pass for normal humans given a reasonable amount of effort.  Once they were trained by Xavier to control their powers better they could have gone back out into the world and simply looked out for old #1 (we refer to that as pulling a Parker.) But they didn't. They set aside that chance and came together to fight for equality, not just for themselves, but for their less fortunate peers.  Those that couldn't blend into society.  THAT is sacrifice. They gave up freedom and anonymity for scorn and ostracism so that they could make the world a better place.

Do you even understand what sacrifice means?!?!

Again with the Punisher.  He the only thing he ever sacrificed was a person.  He's a serial killer.  Stop lumping him in with heroes.

Hulk is a neat one though.  What did Hulk ever sacrifice?  Maybe I could build this case, but I won't.  Because I think I should build the case for Bruce Banner.  You know him right?  The guy who ran out onto a gamma test site while the countdown was going on, and sacrificed the rest of his 'normal' life to save Rick Jones. You might want to do some reading before you make retarded comments about a lack of sacrifice in the character next time. The explosion wasn't his screw-up at all.  You don't have your facts straight.


But this one.......this one I like best:

And since Jordan brought up Batman Ill even tear him down (even though I like him). Batman gives up nothing, his family got shot just like Punisher's and every other person who lives in a bad neighborhood. He throws a fit and decides to start a crusade of ridding the world of violence and does a good job of it. However he does not do it for other people's benefit he does it out of a psychotic compulsion to basically try to unravel events that happened in his past.

This is the dumbest assessment of how Batman came into being that I've ever read. If Jordan hadn't told me that you're about to get your degree (and I did ask if it was the kind you mail away for) I would have assumed you were his 6 year old nephew after this one. To suggest that somebody who has fabulous wealth, social standing and power gave up nothing in becoming the Batman is to be brain dead.  To start with, Bruce gave up his youth.  He sacrificed the years that any other child would have grieved, and then gone on with being a child and he dedicated his life to learning all that he would need to know.  He didn't do it for the grades, or the success either.  He did it because he had a plan; to stop other people from suffering like he did.  That's enough sacrifice right there, but for Bruce it doesn't stop.  When he dedicates his life and his fortune to protecting others that too is sacrifice.  He has the wealth and fortune to life a life of luxury, and yet he does no such thing.  In fact, he sacrifices his own identity, turning Bruce Wayne into the mask that allows Batman to be successful.

More on this later, because I've talked to Jordan and I'm going to blog about how wrong you are about The Punisher and about Batman.  By now you're used to being wrong though.

I'm sure of that.

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