Friday, June 24, 2011

Late to the party...

I have a friend who loves Joss Whedon.

Every now and then he drops one of those "In Joss We Trust" comments and I cannot help but wonder when he might actually take his head out of his ass and get some fresh air. After all, while I respect Buffy & Angel for their depth and the mythology they have sprouted, and I'm willing to admit that Firefly was pretty solid, some of his movies credits leave me scratching my head and wondering if those are simply exceptions to the rule.

They're not.

The movie credits he's gotten that I, personally, think are weak most likely represent the exception to his enormous talent. After all, he's the guy who helped make Toy Story a phenomenon, and got tapped to do Wonder Woman (I like that he wanted to really delve into her Greek history while modernizing her tale) before it all fell apart. Now, with news of his involvement on two of the next big Marvel movies gareners more and more attention, I find myself thinking more and more about his forgotten television show.


That's the one that went off the air due to poor viewer response, but did so with style. I just finished watching the second season, and I have to say.....I really grew to love the story. As the first season went along, and we got out of the serial process of watching Echo's engagements week in and week out, the bigger story of the Dollhouse itself, the Rossum Coroporation and numerous conspiracies started to drive the bus. By the end of the first season the series was very strong, and the second season was exceptional from start to finish.

It isn't all happy endings either. If you have the opportunity, I'd recommend you invest a little time in this 26 episode, two season show and enjoy the ride. If you like it, maybe give some of the comics associated with it a try. I haven't done that yet, but I'm going to keep an eye out for them at shows and give them a read. The premise is well suited to comics and the translation across media should be seamless.

I didn't watch Dollhouse when it was on television, but now I'm kind of wishing I did. I got to see two seasons of the five Joss apparently had mapped out in his head.

Doesn't that just make me curious.

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