Tuesday, June 22, 2010

This and that....

I finally watched the Blue Ray release of Planet Hulk, and I thought it was......adequate. My pet peeve with comic related movies is this need of the director's guild to change the story and somehow "make it their own." Planet Hulk certainly does that, as well as compressing the story down into a tighter, more succinct story that they can tell in the time they have alloted themselves. Obviously these aren't things that I enjoyed about the movie, especially since it was animated and there was no excuse to chop the story down to size.  It was a direct to DVD release, so why not give us the whole thing, unabridged?

That said, its worth the watch.  I understand why they substituted Beta Ray Bill for the Surfer, and at first I kind of liked it because I like Bill. In retrospect though, in order to make it work they mucked up Thor's origin, so I've decided that it wasn't worth it.

I watched something else comic related, but it's slipped my mind, so obviously it didn't make a big enough impression for me to comment on it.

Father's Day has come and gone, and one of my sons got me a t-shirt with a local artist's original work of Superman on it.  It's very impressive and the guy's rates for canvas work are also very reasonable.  I'm thinking about getting a 5' x 3' of one of my favorite stories done for the basement (if and when I ever get the darned thing finished.) Very cool Father's Day gift.

I'm waiting on my next shipment of books, and as I wait I've been picking through other things I want to talk about for the debate for Best Story Ever. The result though is that I've been reading some Crossgen things again, and once again I'm in love with how that company was formed and how their stories got off the ground. I've harped on it before, but it never gets any love on here so I'm going to harp on it again as I reread my way through the varying books. I'm probably most excited to revisit Crux (the story of Atlantis and its people, who were once the shepherds of humanity's destiny), Sojourn (a story told in the style of Lord of The Rings) and Sigil (a story about somebody giving Han Solo power that makes jedis look like punks.)

I think we may be taking some steps to review the series as I work through them, so there won't be any escaping the value of these stories for those of you who haven't read them.

I've also got some thoughts about other stories we're going to look at for our Best Story Ever review.  Some things I've read that need to be considered:

1. Avengers Forever #1 - 12
2. Days of Future Past: X-Men #141 - 142
3. Crimson #1 - 24
4. Superman & The Legion of Superheroes: Action Comics #858 - 663
5. New World Order: JLA #1 - 4
6. Confession: Astro City #4 - 9
7. Future Imperfect #1 - 2

But we'll get to them later.


Rude39 said...

Some stories for you to consider as some of the best:

The Authority

or am i just mentioning obvious ones?

The 4th Man said...

You'll notice that some stories have already been addressed (waaaaaay back in February) and their images adorn the side of the newly redesigned blog.

On that list?

The Authority