Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Birds of Prey.....a bomb

Love the comic series.

Loathe the TV series.

Last night at midnight I needed to unwind, so I sat down and skipped around one of my hard drives looking for an episode of the Big Bang Theory I hadn't seen yet.  Turns out there weren't any, so I was left with the task of picking a new series to start watching on an ad hoc basis. I settled on Birds of Prey with I had a copy of for some time but had never turned on.

As anyone would, I started with the pilot.

I'm still trying to debate if that will be the last episode of the show I ever watch. Allow me to explain;

1) Barbara Gordon is paralyzed and her career as Batgirl ends because the Joker shot her in the spine. (all good so far)

2) Selina Kyle, publicly know to formerly be Catwoman, dies when stabbed by an unknown assailant at the Joker's direction. Her young daughter Helena watches her mother bleed out in the street. (Catwoman dead? Bah! Helena is her daughter? I suppose that works in the Earth 2 version of The Huntress, and in that version Selina did actually die before he daughter became a crime fighter.)

3) Barbara Gordon takes Helena in and nurtures her into become a super-hero (double bah!)

4) Helena Kyle is a meta-human with super-powers ( lost me)

5) Bruce Wayne is missing because Batman couldn't live with the trauma of what happened to Barbara and Selina and disappeared. (ummmm......bull@^%$!)

6) Dinah Lance is a psychic, many years younger than Helena, and desperate to become associated with Barbara and Helena (lame even beyond being nothing like Dinah)

I'm marginally tempted to hang around and see how they progress things in Gotham under the banner of the Birds of Prey, but something tells me I'm not going to like the rest of this any more than I liked the pilot.  At least Smallville was well written and made sense. The acting in this is paper thin, and the characters are poorly crafted compared to the comic counterparts that exist.

Hell, Mercy Reef was better than this.

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