Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I really do want to talk comics


Yet somehow over the last five months I've found myself too busy, too distracted, or too apathetic. Between work, road travel for work, building a new online roleplaying site, managing the current online roleplaying site, preparing for our baseball league's season, running our baseball league, having a family, and not getting my comic shipment for three months, it was easy to get away from this.

All of that to say.....I'm back.

A lot's gone on in comics since I last was here, but is there any bigger news than the fact that the 2011 comic book movie season is upon us? Thor is already here, and this week X-Men: First Class hits the big screen, followed in a couple of weeks by Green Lantern, and then a month later Captain America. We could find some other movies with comic tie-in potential to discuss, but for me, these mainstream titles are the big four, in what might, arguably, be the greatest comic book movie year..........

.......EVER. (*small inside joke there for those who know.)

What did everyone think of Thor?

I have a couple of thoughts, but most of them are good. I liked the way they introduced Asgard, set up the relationship between Thor and Loki, showed us Loki's actual origin, and Odin's wisdom amongst other things. The breaking of Bifrost was something that tracks with past comics continuity, and I thought they found a good path for explaining the Donald Blake/Thor association. Best of all? I loved that Mjolnir was inscribed with...
"Whosoever holds this hammer, if they be worthy, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor."   

You know who's lifted that hammer?


You know who hasn't?


 Anyways, my early concerns about the trailers I had seen didn't play out, and overall I thought it was one of the better comic movie adaptations. The cannon wasn't terribly assaulted (unless you loved the old Thor is merged with Donald Blake bit, which I always found tedious) and the foundation for a terrific character was laid down. Plus the sneak peek at the end gives us a glimpse at a major issue that I expect will rise in either Cap, or Avengers next year; The Cosmic Cube.


Speaking of Cap.....my very first reaction to it in trailers was that it looked like a throwback, campy piece. But with more footage now available, I'm starting to think it might be alright. Maybe even good. They're going a story placed in WW2, and I'm seeing footage that reminds me that this was a guy who really, REALLY just wanted to be a soldier. My hopes for it are climbing.

I cannot claim the same for Green Lantern, which has turned me off from day 1 with the casting of Ryan Reynolds. I love Ryan in lots of things, but Hal Jordan he is not. Hal isn't a joker. He doesn't do quips. He's a taciturn, arrogant man, with a bit of a death wish and a strange mix of courage and stupidity. At least that's how I've always seen him. He certainly isn't any of the things on which Ryan's career has been built.

What do you guys think?

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Kent Anderson said...

Well, I've been looking forward to Thor, moreso now that it has your stamp of approval. I had also heard that the Cosmic Cube showed up.

Somebody else who has held the hammer: Hulk.