Thursday, January 06, 2011


Holy crap he's blogging again!

It's true. After the holidays interrupted what little flow I had going, I've finally gotten myself out of the reading chair and into the writing chair again. One of the great things about this past holiday season was the arrival of a friend who brought with him three months worth of comic material and an opportunity for me to catch up once again on things taking place in the comic world.

I've bagged and sealed all the books I've read and as soon as I'm caught up, we're going to go back and talk about what's making an impact these days, and what's not. Thankfully, we've got a lot of really cool (and stupid) things to talk about in the comic world right now. I've stumbled across an absolute litany of topics in recent days.  Here are the things at the top of the list for upcoming blogs:

  • Updating the Best Story Ever review to a more defined rating and narrowing current contenders down to 10.
  • reviewing what's come in and what's great (and crap) in the current stuff I'm reading
  • A look at my December order from 2010
  • a review of this idiotic assessment of Batman's villains:
  • Comic book racism will rear its head as we dissect the following article:
  • The issue will be carried over as we look at this debate:
  • We're going to revive a couple of topics from over on Jordan's facebook page, namely the question of whether or not Frank Miller deserves the accolades (and the hate) he receives and whether or not the idea of Black Panther stepping in for Daredevil makes any sense (spoiler alert: it doesn't!)
  • Oh, and this news just in: we will only be mentioning Spider-Man in order to mock his worthlessness 

 Good times are just ahead...

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